When I started my first VPN business (BoxPN) in 2011, I worked with numerous companies to create the best possible solutions for my clients. I was working with multiple marketing companies, kept investing in marketing, but I always ended up stuck in the network side of my project. Optimizing and securing servers, patching updates, developing new technologies to beat the competitive market had been very frustrating.

In 2012, I was fortunate that I met with VOID.PL. Few months after they took over our project, I had a feeling of relief. They were consulting our project and managing servers. They kept all their promises on time. They also developed new technologies which helped us to grow. They were very honest on every step of their work.

Our project tripled the number of users in 2013, and after having a kind offer from a competitor, I sold the company to move onto something new. Today, BoxPN is owned by the biggest VPN networks in the world.

I had a new project idea called Smart DNS Proxy. It was a new and unique idea where I couldn’t find any previous paralleled solutions. So, I discussed my dream with VOID.PL again.
Even though I had a limited budget, they helped me by creating the network structure from scratch with every possible detail. After our agreement, their research and developments started and we took the project online for testing in about four months by the end of 2013.

They were very quick on the task force, responsive and communicative at every step of the process. They kept me in the loop all the time which gave me confidence for my idea and their work. They took all my critical remarks very seriously without questioning and provided me with honest and detailed information of what they can or cannot do. Even the CEO of the company has responded to all my Skype messages and emails 24/7. At the time, I thought the CEO was never asleep.

We launched the Smart DNS Proxy project for the public use in May 2014. Until today (August 2018), for all these years, VOID.PL has been taking care of everything in this project. They are managing over 700 globally distributed servers with the hands of the most experienced network engineers. They keep training their workforce internally to meet the demand for our services.
They also create new network strategies which can help us to gain more users with less expense. Their Level 3 and Level 4 engineers even respond to our users’ tickets to obtain more information about their experience in order to implement more improvements wherever possible. I don’t have to think of the network side of my project anymore as I know a team of people who have much more knowledge than I do are there for me and my clients 24/7.

Working with VOID.PL has been the best decision in my life. Not only for business but also for my personal life. Today Maciej, the CEO of VOID.PL and I have become terrific friends, and I’m very honored to have this relationship.

At the beginning of 2018, Smart DNS Proxy became the #1 Smart DNS provider in the world with more than 1 million users and multiple brands underneath. This success all happened with the VOID.PL support. I don't think that we could ever achieve this without them.

Thank you VOID.PL!

Efe Cakinberk - CEO @ Global Stealth, Inc.